New or Recently Revised Policies


Policy Title: Overtime Pay

Modification/Description: Revised overtime pay to comply with Federal Overtime guidelines.

Affected Entities: All non-exempt staff (regular, contract, and temporary).

Approved:  2/09/2017, President

Effective Date: 2/09/2017. 


Policy Title: Mathematics Placement

Modification/Description: New policy implementing mathematics placement testing using ALEKS PPL, web-based system for student success and retention.

Affected Entities: New students, Office of Admissions, Registrar, Advisors, IT, Testing Services, Learning PLUS, Mathematics & Statistics Department, Student Account Services.

Approved:  1/25/2017, President

Effective Date: 3/1/2017. 


Policy Title: Staff Compensation Pool

Modification/Description: Updated to account for structure of the new university budget model. The purpose of this policy is to establish a framework for the allocation of the Staff Compensation Pool. The Staff Compensation Pool is a sustainable mechanism for providing equitable salaries for all base funded staff positions. 

Affected Entities: This policy applies to all base funded, regular staff positions, including academic and non-academic administrators. Faculty are excluded from this policy. 

Approved: 12/20/2016, President

Effective Date: 1/3/2017.