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What does it mean to have a policy under review?

Policies on this page are in the process of being created or revised. Policies are open for University review and comment for at least 14 days. The policy owner will confer with the presidents of Faculty Senate or Staff Congress, as applicable, to determine if a longer comment period for the draft policy is appropriate.

The review period for Academic Policies is 45 days.

Feedback received will be given due consideration before the policy is presented for approval.  

 Policy Title  Notes  Review Period New or Revised Policy
Research Data Management NKU has developed this policy to protect NKU investigators and the integrity of research data generated under the auspices of NKU.NKU's research data management practices should ensure open and timely secured access to and secured sharing of research data. Access, secured sharing, and retention are especially vital with respect to questions about compliance with legal or regulatory requirements governing the conduct of research, accuracy or authenticity of data, primacy of findings, and reproducibility of results. 03/03/2017 - 04/17/2017 New
Developmental & Co-Requisite Courses This policy proposal revises a previous policy regarding enrollment in developmental courses for students with academic deficiencies by adding co-requisite courses and stipulating enrollment restrictions for those students who do not comply with the policy. 3/14/2017 - 3/28/2017 New

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