Frequently Asked Questions

  • + What is a University Policy?
    University policies contain the official governing principles of the University. A University policy is a statement of management philosophy and direction, established to provide guidance and assistance to the University community in the conduct of University Affairs. A University policy:  

    1. Is a governing principle that mandates or constrains actions;
    2. Has institution-wide application;  
    3. Changes infrequently and sets a course for the foreseeable future;
    4. Helps ensure compliance with applicble laws and regulations;
    5. Reduces institutional risk, and
    6. Is appoved at the executive levels of the University (president, provost, vice presidents) or Board of Regents.

    For more information on the policy process, see the University's policy titled Policy Creation, Revision and Communication.

  • + How should a policy be formatted?
    University policies must be submitted for the creation/revision process on the University Policy template which can be found in the Policy Toolkit section of the policy website. Please note: There are policies on the policy website that predate the policy template as well as the Policy Creation, Revision, and Communication policy. Even though those policies have a different format, they remain official University policies and, in time, are expected to complete the process outlined in the above policy.
  • + Who writes a University policy?

    The Policy Initiator and/or Drafting Team writes the proposed new or revised university policy using the tools in the Policy Toolkit.  The Policy Initiator will utilize his/her chain of command when drafting a new or revised policy.  When a proposed policy involves participants from more than one division or office the same policy workflow will be followed and will involve collaboration of the participants from the individual divisions. There may be more than one Responsible Official for a policy and collaboration and communication between stakeholders is strongly encouraged.

  • +  Who can initiate the policy process?
    Any faculty, staff member, or student who identifies the need for a university-level policy may initiate the drafting process. Collaboration among those affected by the proposed policy is important to ensure our policies are properly developed. For information regarding the creation and/or revision of a policy, please see the Policy Toolkit section of the website.   
  • + Who approves policies?
    During the policy creation/revision process, the draft policy goes through an established cycle that includes review by the following areas: the Responsible Official, Office of Legal Affairs, Compliance and Institutional Ethics, the Executive Team, the President, and the University community. This process is outlined in the Policy Creation, Revision, and Communication policy as well as depicted in the Policy Process Flowchart, which can be found in the Policy Toolkit section of the website. Final approval of policies rests with the President and the Board of Regents.
  • + How do I obtain a copy of a University policy?
    You can obtain a copy of a University policy from the Policy Website. The site offers the option to view an A through Z list of all policies, to view policies by category or to search for a policy using a keyword(s).
  • + Is there a policy that describes the process for creating and revising policies?
    Yes. There is a policy that governs how new policies are created and how existing policies are revised and reviewed. That policy is called Policy Creation, Revision, and Communication. You can view this policy on the Policy Website.
  • + Can I make comments or suggestions regarding a draft policy?
    Yes! We strongly encourage participation in the 14 Day University Comment Period. This process fosters transparency, collegiality, and inclusiveness for everyone who may be affected by a new or revised policy.  Please see the Policies Under Review section of the website here.  Policies under review are in the process of being created or revised. The comments received will be given full consideration before the policy is finalized.
  • + What happens to my comments?
    Comments made during the 14 Day University Comment Period will be collected and forwarded to the Responsible Official. The comments will be reviewed and considered for inclusion in the draft policy.
  • + How will I know when a draft policy is available for comment and review and/or when a policy has been approved?
    Please sign up for our Policy Listserv by clicking here. You will receive a notification each time a policy is subject to the 14 Day University Comment Period and each time a policy (new or revised) has been approved.  After you receive the notification for policies that are available for comment, go to the policy website under the section labeled Policies Under Review to review and comment on the policy. After you receive the notification for policies that have been approved, go to the the New or Recently Revised Policies section of the website.  
  • + What is a Policy Request Form and why do I have to use it?

    The Policy Request Form identifies the key elements of a new or revised policy and assists in facilitating the process of creation, revision or review. The form will be completed by the Policy Initiator and accompanies the policy through the process. Also, completing the Policy Request Form will assist the writer with the policy writing process and highlights the impact of the policy creation/revision. The Policy Request Form (and instructions) is available on the policy website under the Policy Toolkit section.  

  • +  Where should I send questions or comments about the policy website?
    Please send your questions or comments to